MSSSC Open for Business

28 Feb 2022

The Manchester Surgical Skills and Simulation Centre (MSSSC) has re-opened its doors following the hiatus triggered by the COVID pandemic. With a 10-year track record of excellence in facilitating surgical simulation courses and providing unrivalled opportunities for healthcare professionals to develop and improve their skills, MSSSC is once again excited to be returning.

Not only does the Centre provide the ideal environment for individual or group training, the MSSSC team offers guidance and support for running and hosting courses, along with sourcing the specialist materials such courses require.

With state of the art facilities and equipment to support the learning needs of a wide range of healthcare professions, the MSSSC is also in a unique position of enabling the assessment of procedural skills for students and trainees at all levels under examining or regulatory bodies.

The Centre boasts a large dissection room with 9 training stations, a 30 attendee seminar room, audio visual links and video equipment to enable technical education with a truly global reach during each course. We at the MSSSC welcome you to contact us here to book your place.

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