The Christie Cadaveric Courses: Hands-on Pelvic Exenteration Course

28 Nov 2022

This highly focused and specialised hands-on cadaveric course will cover the key steps and principles involved in pelvic exenteration procedures in colorectal surgery, gynaecology. Gynae- oncology and urology.

Taught and delivered by world experts in the field the course will cover establishing the TME plane, identification and preservation of ureters, anterior and lateral mobilisation of the urinary bladder, incision through endopelvic fascia, management of dorsal vein complex, identification of side wall vasculature and sloping vessels, identification of obturator canal, extended lymphadenectomy, sacrectomy, ELAPE, omentoplasty, mesh reconstruction and flap reconstruction. In addition, the hands-on session will include liver mobilisation and ablation, diaphragm peritoneal stripping, omentectomy (greater and lesser), cholecystectomy, splenectomy, salpingo-opherectomy, bowel resections and pelvic peritonectomy.

Highlights of this course include:
• High tutor to delegate ratio
• Use of fresh frozen cadaver for all procedures
• Faculty comprising of global experts in the field
• Hands-on workshops

Aimed at:
• Consultant Colorectal Surgeons
• Consultant Oncological Surgeons
• Consultant Urological Surgeons
• Consultant Gynaecological Surgeons
• Clinical Fellows in Colorectal, Gynaecological, Urological and Oncological Surgery
• Senior Surgical Trainees with interest in Peritoneal Surface Malignancy and Cytoreductive Surgery

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