BOOK NOW- Intercollegiate Basic Surgical Skills Course

22 Mar 2024

This two-day Royal College of Edinburgh course is aimed at FY1 and above. It is designed to instil core surgical skills at the very start of a surgeon’s training by teaching the correct basic techniques. You will be taught instrument handling, knot tying, suturing techniques, fine tissue handling wound management and diathermy.

These courses are delivered by experienced surgeons with a wide range of knowledge and experience in teaching. They are delivered both in the UK and internationally. (Attendance at this course, will give you the opportunity to apply for a one year FREE Affiliate Membership with the College)

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

Explain the principles of good practice in theatre etiquette, knot tying, suturing, haemostasis, anastomosis, surgical diathermy and ergonomics for minimal access surgery.

  • Describe the correct handling and use of surgical instruments.
  • Demonstrate an appropriate procedure for ‘gowning’ and ‘gloving’ in accordance with recommended standards of practice.
  • Tie a variety of reliable knots, including surgical reef knots and the Aberdeen knot and tying at depth.
  • Suture a variety of tissues, including skin, bowel, vascular tissue and tendons effectively.
  • Perform abscess drainage and contaminated wound debridement in accordance with the basic principles of wound management.
  • Demonstrate basic techniques for small bowel, vascular and tendon anastomoses.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic diathermic technique.
  • Demonstrate effective management of ergonomic tissue commonly encountered with minimal access surgery.

FY1 (BSS is strongly recommended for all trainees who are about to embark on their first surgical position), FY2, ST1/CT1 and ST2/CT2 and SCPs.

Relevant Grades
FY1, FY2, CT1, CT2, ST1, ST2

CPD Points
12 CPD points accredited for attending both days

Course Fee: £585.00

Course Convener
Mr C.R Selvasekar
Clinical Director, MSSSC



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“Thanks to all for putting on this course Mr Chelliah Selvasekar and the great faculty working at the weekend including Emma Stapleton and also for Roop Tandon for his help over the years. 16 candidates benefitting at Manchester Simulation Centre and The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.”

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