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History of MSSSC

The Manchester Surgical Skills and Simulation Centre (MSSSC) is a state of the art training facility in the centre of Manchester and one of only a few training centres in the country to offer cadaveric dissection using fresh frozen tissue. It has been a cornerstone of multi-professional learning, facilitating regional, national and international courses since 2012.

The MSSSC facilitates high fidelity simulation for healthcare professionals across a multitude of specialties and professions, giving them the opportunity to improve their skills in a realistic simulated environment. It is also the ideal environment for the assessment of procedural skills by examining or regulatory bodies. There are excellent links with the Anatomy Department of the University of Manchester giving the option of extended academic learning.

Reopening in early 2022, the MSSSC can play a major role in helping learners disadvantaged by the effects of the Covid pandemic obtain high-value training opportunities in a controlled environment.

Imagery of the MSSC Facility


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Our workshop was a real success thanks to the great support of the MSSSC staff. We kicked off the day with a half-hour presentation in the meeting room and continued in the lab until noon. Everyone found the training highly valuable and had a good time at the centre. Will definitely consider the centre for future workshops."


Chelliah Selvasekar

MSSSC Joint Clinical Director; Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Divisional Medical Director, Clinical services & Specialist Surgery, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Deborah Aitken

Head of Service

Andrea Rawlinson

Theatre Mortuary Supervisor

Sally Burton

Mortuary Assistant

Millie Astley-Evans

Mortuary Technician

Simon Hollingworth

MSSSC Administrator

Hayley Mullen

Marketing and Events Coordinator


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